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Established in 2021, is a expertized broker platform for global trademark exchange. We are dedicated to bridging the gap between buyers and sellers to facilitate the secure and seamless exchange of trademark rights and value.

With the booming growth of the e-commerce industry, represented by giants like Amazon, an increasing number of businesses are diving into the fierce competition on this international platform. E-commerce platforms emphasize brand strategies, which have become essential for businesses' long-term development. For many businesses, swiftly establishing their trademark brand to gain a competitive advantage has become a strategic imperative. This is precisely where our service adds value — by providing reliable trademark resources and securely facilitating their transfer to clients. Since our inception, we have facilitated numerous successful transactions with clients worldwide, contributing to their brand development and earning acclaim for our services. Our philosophy and services are centered on several aspects as outlined below:

Diverse Trademark Resources: Our trademarks originate from all around the world and are held by various individuals or companies. We offer a comprehensive range of trademark categories for sale, catering to the diverse needs of customers worldwide.

Legal and Validity Assurance: Only registered trademarks are eligible for sale on our platform. We ensure the legality, validity, and pristine condition of trademark sources. Any trademarks found invalid, disputed, under examination, or involved in litigation will promptly be delisted and will not offered for sale to buyers.

Secure Transaction Guarantee: Transactions are conducted through PayPal, ensuring full protection of buyer rights. Throughout the transaction process, PayPal holds funds until the buyer obtains ownership and full associated rights of the trademark; otherwise, we guarantee a full refund.

Professional and Expedited Services: We offer professional ownership transfer services, ensuring buyers swiftly and seamlessly acquire trademark ownership and associated rights. This aids buyers, such as Amazon sellers, in gaining a competitive edge in fierce market competition.

Confidentiality Assurance: Throughout the transaction process, we safeguard the commercial and confidential information of both buyers and sellers, preventing any information leaks or unnecessary risks.

Comprehensive Search Features: Our website homepage features convenient category filtering tools and keyword search functionality, enabling customers to quickly and easily find suitable trademark resources. Additionally, our professional team offers offline trademark search services to assist customers in acquiring the desired trademark resources., your gateway to global trademark exchange, offers reliable trademark resources and secure transactions. With our professional services and comprehensive search features, we empower businesses to thrive in the competitive world of branding. We aim to offer the best trademark purchase experience and pursue your complete satisfaction. Join our platform today and embark on a journey to seamlessly acquire and exchange trademark resources with confidence.

What Will Buyer Receive?

1. The ownership and full associated rights of the trademark

- Upon completion of the ownership transfer, you will receive ownership and full rights in and to the trademark.
- For a U.S. trademark, the transfer process takes 1-2 weeks on average.

2. If a domain name is included in the transaction, you will receive it.
- You will be provided with a transfer authorization code to obtain the domain name from the seller.
- The transfer of the domain name takes 1-7 days.

3. Access to brand registries on e-commerce platforms
- You will gain exclusive access to brand registries on platforms like Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, etc.
- The Guide of Amazon Brand Registry is set for your reference.

Requirements for Seller

❶ To uphold our dedication to our buyers, we enforce stringent criteria for sellers' trademarks: Only registered trademarks are eligible for sale on our platform; Trademarks for which ownership cannot be verified will be prohibited from sale to customers; Any trademarks found to be invalid, disputed, under official examination, or involved in litigation will be delisted and not sold to buyers.

You are required to grant our platform authorization to list your trademark for sale, consent to our fair pricing determination for your trademark, manage the associated transaction matters, and retain the payment on your behalf until you, as the seller, have satisfactorily met your obligations. You must comprehend that any failure to fulfill your obligations within the designated timeframe will lead to the termination of the transaction, with a full refund issued to the buyer.

The current display fee for each trademark listing is $29.9 per year. We reserve the right to update the annual fee and implement the new fee on your trademark after your current fee expires, or to remove your trademark from display.

Our Missions


Reliable Resources

Our platform absorbs and offers a diverse array of trustworthy global trademark resources, ensuring clients have access to high-quality assets for their business needs. 


Secure Transaction

With our robust security measures and adherence to best practices, we provide clients with peace of mind throughout the transaction process, safeguarding their interests and data integrity.


Mutual Achievements

Through our platform, we facilitate transactions that result in mutually beneficial outcomes for buyers, sellers, and our platform itself, fostering a win-win scenario that promotes success for all parties.

Trademark Purchase Process

Trademark Purchase Process